Sick of it



So, Clinton County voter turnout was way low.

Not a big surprise to me.

I think it was down everywhere.


Not hard to figure out. Even this redneck non-Ph.D. can figure it out.

We are sick of it.

Sick of elections.

Sick of seeing yard signs.

Sick of the bashing each other.

Sick of the news.

Sick of the newspapers.

Sick of the negativism.

Sick of the divisiveness.

Sick of politicians.

Sick of arguing.

Sick of campaign rhetoric.

Sick of one election getting done, only to start the next.

Sick of slogans.

Sick of people asking us for campaign donations.

Sick of politicians worrying more about their re-election than the folks.

Sick of getting crap in our mail.

And most all, sick of nothing ever getting done.

Simply, folks are just tired of it all. Folks are just trying to make a living and take care of their families, as best they can.

What none of the politicians understand is, when they lose the folks, they lose the country.

So, turnout was just 25 percent.

Pretty sad when 75 percent just don’t care.

But can you blame them.