What have they accomplished?



State Sen. Eugene Yaw, R-Williamsport, and state Rep. Jeff Wheeland, R-Williamsport, are our elected representatives.

But what have they done?

They will speak out against tax increases, and for gas leasing rights, or other no-brainier issues, but they are just parroting other leaders.

Sen. Yaw basically desires to send addicts to prison, straining taxpayers’ dollars even more. They are both against HR76-SB76, The Property Tax Independence Act.

Remember that when paying your property taxes. Speaking of which, it says a lot when you are allowed to pay them in one-third increments.

Also, Pennsylvania will end up having a public-private liquor system due to the fact that they will keep allowing more privatization, but don’t have the political will to end the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s grip on liquor sales in Pennsylvania.