Donations vs. taxes



I believe the Sept. 7 letter by Tim Mannello, “God’s fairness versus man’s,” misrepresented a popular Bible story to an offensive degree. This was done in a cynical attempt to justify a political agenda: the graduated income tax.

The story of the widow’s mite has deep spiritual meaning, and to misinterpret it this way is wrong. This story has nothing to do with taxes, but with voluntary giving to the church, and even in this context I believe Mr. Mannello misrepresented it.

There is no analogue between giving to God and taxation by government, but even if there were, God required 10 percent of everyone, and this woman gave more than required at great sacrifice to herself because of her reverence for God.

To translate this to taxes, one would have to conclude that government should levy a flat tax rate and that those who worship government would be free to give as much as they want, even to everything they have.

Those who want higher taxes could pay those higher amounts if they want, but rather than doing that, they pay only what is required and even make sure to take every deduction. What these people really want is for someone else to pay the taxes. That is the exact opposite lesson from the Bible story. The idea that “the rich” should pay higher taxes is based in envy, not fairness or morality.

I would appreciate it if people would stop distorting the Bible. If you do this, I’ll promise not to misuse “On the Origin of Species” to promote Conservative ideas.


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