Etiquette and swearing


Beech Creek

Nowadays, many people use words they do not think existed when others were young. Yes, I mean swearing, and especially that certain word that can mean almost anything.

It even existed clear back in the 1500s before people started putting things into context.

But in the old days, most people used swear words away from children, and used them more in social clubs and bars.

Now, swear words are used by nearly everyone, and especially a growing number of songwriters and entertainers.

Well, many think it’s smart and fun to use swear words. Many use them when aggravated and mad. Then come those people who think swearing in songs is really cool. Well, it’s alright if they keep their songs for their own ears, but recording songs with swear words to allow others to listen to is outrageous.

And it’s especially worse if they use swear words in every single song phrase over and over again. That’s called verbal pollution and is meant only to get the attention of teenagers.

Etiquette is being polite toward everyone.

Etiquette is saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” holding doors for people, helping others without question and just being polite.

But more and more these days we just hear people swear, be rude and behave selfishly.

When I get angry or frustrated, I hate hearing these words out of my mouth, let alone others. There was a time when I whispered a swear word in school and got in trouble for it. I told myself that through all I have been through, that I will not use filthy words. Oh sure, my parents swore around me until they saw how aggravated it made me.

Seriously, I try not to swear anymore, and I try not to listen to people use swear words in conversation or song. If I see them on a social media post, I ignore or “hide” the post.

Yes, I try … I try to remember to say “thank you” and “excuse me.” I especially try not to swear around children.

But I know swearing will never stop. People won’t stop. In fact, I see it only getting worse. How sad.

I know some about the First Amendment and free speech, but I wish there were restrictions on hate words, obscenities and subversive speech.

Oh well, all I can say is that I will do my best not to use swear words.

I will try my best to feel good, and see the best in myself and in other people.


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