Leave ‘zombie’ Trumpcare in the grave



Once again, Washington politicians looking for a hasty victory have placed my patients’ health in jeopardy.

If “zombie” Trumpcare is revived, access to quality and affordable health care will be ripped away from hundreds of patients at our nurse-run health center, and from millions of Americans. Trumpcare would mean a return to some of the worst abuses of insurance companies: denying patients coverage due to pre-existing conditions, lifetime limits on benefits leading our sickest (insured) Americans to go bankrupt, older adults being charged up to five times more for care, and elimination of the most essential health benefits like maternity care, mental health services and substance abuse treatment. Trumpcare would cruelly block grant and cap Medicaid, throwing millions of Americans off their insurance, and rationing care to those who survive.

Let’s leave “zombie” Trumpcare in the grave, and work together to improve a real lifesaver — the Affordable Care Act.


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