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I have to laugh at the “no need for alarm” about the hurricanes. Rush Limbaugh was saying on his namesake show, it was all a liberal hoax, nothing to get alarmed about, and then he fled his Florida home to California to get away from Hurricane Irma. Irma had more wind than Limbaugh.

Granted Hurricane Harvey is not the strongest hurricane on record, but what it did to Texas was nothing like we had seen before. This hurricane season we are currently tracking a fourth large Atlantic hurricane, Maria. Harvey, Irma and Jose were Category 4 and in a row. Hurricane Katia developed in the Gulf and grew to a Category 3 before hitting Mexico. Maria grew to Category 5 and it is still going. The season is not over.

Hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia and Maria for this year are blowing climate-change deniers out of the debate.


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