From milk to taxes, ‘GT’ Thompson listens



I recently went on a bus trip to Washington, D.C., and if you ever wondered what U.S. Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson stands for and what his top priorities are, there is no better way to find out than this.

Congressman Thompson truly has the best interests of the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania – as well as the state as a whole – at heart.

Our congressman made possible a wonderful experience in D.C. for us. We ate lunch at the Capitol Hill Club and toured the Supreme Court. Not only was GT speaking at the lunch, but a few of his supporters spoke as well. They were Chairman Greg Walden, Congressman Lou Barletta, Congresswoman Mimi Walters, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Brock McCleary.

Glenn Thompson spoke of a few issues that he believes are most important. One issue is that agriculture needs to be done more locally, and we shouldn’t have to rely on other areas.

He spoke about being asked to the White House on a few occasions. He said he had the opportunity to speak to the President himself, ask the president to lean on the Senate to approve a bill he has been working on. Also, GT mentioned that he’s attempting to lower taxes (for the country as a whole) to compete on a global level, as our taxes are much higher than other nations. Lastly, and on a less serious note, he talked about getting schools in our areas to serve whole milk rather than fat free. He was very passionate about all of these issues, from milk to taxes.

Glenn “GT” Thompson is an outstanding congressman for our district to say the least. To be an effective leader and to serve the people to the best of your ability, you must be willing to listen to the people you represent – and this is what GT is all about.

(Benjamin Probert is a junior at Bucktail Area High School.)