POTUS Trump and the Helsinki summit



The media meltdown and leftist outrage over the Helsinki summit can be understood in a few points:

POTUS Trump is a “big picture” guy. Russia has a GDP smaller than Texas, a population and military a fraction the size of the US, and their entire economy is based on oil exports (which Trump wants to replace with American exports), so outside of possessing nuclear weapons they are not a major player on the global stage — unless you talk to the “geniuses.” The same “geniuses” who have been making every awful foreign policy decision for decades from weapons of mass destruction to allowing China to enter the WTO, but advise against normalizing relations with a nuclear power.

Other than Trump and Rand Paul, every other candidate running for POTUS in 2016, Democrat or Republican, wanted to go to war with Russia over their presence in Syria. Remember the same talking points used by everyone during the primaries from Clinton to Carly to Jeb to Bernie … all to “create a no-fly zone over Syria?” Thanks to their overtures to go to war along with insecure, unauthorized servers, uranium deals, and $500,000 speeches, Russia was spying on America — as it always has!

Why should America go to war with a nuclear power over a civil war in Syria? Why was there a civil war in the first place? Answer: Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy, worthless red lines, JV Team (a.k.a. ISIS), regime change in Libya, reversing the “surge” and gutting the military, not calling the enemy what it is — radical Islamic terrorists!

All intelligence and congressional reports have found that, while Russia may have attempted to subvert the American political system (according to Facebook’s own congressional testimony Russian bots contributed only a few thousand of the many billion political posts created in 2016), no votes or election outcomes were altered in any American elections.

Furthermore, Russian meddling was not designed to help or hinder a specific candidate. Just ask Michael Moore, the leftist filmmaker who wants Trump impeached because of Russian influence in the campaign, and who actually moved his mass to an anti-Trump rally outside Trump Tower organized by … you guessed it … Russians!

The key word is attempted. They were not directly successful! However, thanks to the uniparty establishment, Deep State, and military industrial complex along with their fake news propaganda media “experts”–who all make a lot of money through war–the Russians have been indirectly successful in subverting the American political system because for 545 days all the aforementioned “geniuses” have been harping about Russia.

The “geniuses” are not “big picture” guys or gals.

There are three things that are far more threatening for the future of our country: Radical Islamic terrorism, unchecked, unlimited illegal (and legal) immigration, and China.

POTUS Trump, the “big picture” guy, is finally winning the war on terror after 30 years of Democrat and Republican administrations doing the same thing, getting involved in every quagmire in the Middle East that came their way. Our alliance with Israel is stronger than ever, and in addition to dismantling the worthless Iran deal, we have formed a coalition with our Middle Eastern allies to apply pressure to Iran–the Radical Islamic epicenter of terror–in a way no prior administration has. Instead of shouting “death to America” Iranians are protesting against the dictatorial mullahs! Just like we defeated communism with a message of freedom from another president who a lot of “geniuses” didn’t like, we can beat terrorism with freedom!

POTUS Trump, the “big picture” guy, is finally doing something to stop illegal immigration and limit unchecked legal immigration after decades of Democrats and Republicans (post Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill) doing nothing except sweeping the problem under the rug and inviting terror and crime of all kinds to enter our country because Democrats need the votes and Republicans want the cheap labor.

POTUS Trump, the “big picture” guy, is finally fighting back in a trade war with the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea–but particularly China. Every president since Ronald Reagan hasn’t even bothered to respond. Under the last administration, China was on track to surpass the U.S. economy and we were told it was inevitable, there was nothing we could do. We were told “those jobs just aren’t coming back.” Now we have actual hope, and a president actually doing something different for a change. Imagine a world where China and the Yuan are the arbiter of the global financial system, not the U.S. dollar! Imagine a world with China as the dominant military power! Imagine a world with China in control of the vast majority of technology and weapons manufacturing! No thanks!

Russian meddling is very low on the list of “big picture” issues–and draining their economy of its lifeblood while strengthening NATO to the tune of $34 billion so far–is the real remedy to counter Russian aggression – not make some kind of hissy fit during a summit between two heads of state.

The Helsinki Summit was an attempt by the President to get the world up to his speed. Too bad the “geniuses” (who have been wrong about virtually everything since June 16, 2015) can’t see the “big picture.” Get the “big picture?”


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