Regarding the letter from Mr. Tim Mannello, published July 13, 2018.

Dear Mr. Mannello, would you like to borrow my dictionary, so you can have a better understanding of the English language? Or, maybe, you can Google “unlawful” or “illegal.”

You throw around big words, but do not understand “illegal” — it means you have done a no-no. You have been bad. No one said they cannot come to our country. It means do it legally.

I am only voting for someone who has not held any public office — having a public office is not to be a lifetime job. Everyone should have a chance to represent their district as they want to.

If someone wants to come to the U.S. — fine and dandy — just respect our nation, our flag, learn the language and respect the citizens. I am tired of Hispanics demonstrating with their flags draped around their shoulders and burning our flag.

You like our freedoms, but disrespect our flag. Fine, go back to your favorite country. No one is keeping you here. If you want to stay, respect us. We respect you — it works both ways. Enter Syria with no passport or visa — good luck!


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