A champion for health care for all


State College

I’ve been a practicing registered nurse for more than 30 years. As a result of the continued dismantling of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I’ve seen an unprecedented number of people go without the care they need.

Like many people looking for answers, I joined a local group that organized to respond to political attacks on insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

That’s where I first met Marc Friedenberg, long before he became the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

Marc is a lawyer and teaches cyber security at Penn State. He educated himself on the facts, became expert on the ACA legislation and how it impacts families. He learned that nearly 1 in 2 Pennsylvanians have a pre-existing condition. He listened to people describe how attacks on Obamacare was affecting their health and their lives. Now, as a candidate for Congress, Marc continues to listen and to fight for health-care for every resident.

Like a doctor who makes house calls, Marc has been traveling throughout the 15 counties in the 12th District, meeting and talking with people about how he’ll fight to fix our broken healthcare system.

By contrast, incumbent Tom Marino is the doctor you can’t get to return your phone calls.

People always ask nurses for doctor recommendations. As a nurse who cares deeply about my patients here in Pennsylvania, I wholeheartedly recommend Marc Friedenberg. He’s the healthy choice for the 12th District!


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