Concerning the deportation of an ex-Nazi



This letter concerns the brief reunions in Korea that brought tears to hundreds of families separated longer than 60 years.

A 92-year-old South Korean woman wept and stroked the wrinkled cheek of her 71-year-old North Korean son.

They were driven apart during the turmoil of the 1950 to 1953 Korean War.

I am a Korean War veteran and I was a teenager when World War II ended in 1945.

I have my own views and personal feelings of the events that have taken place in my lifetime, including World War II.

Those who seek power throughout the world should be judged by their beliefs and actions. If they are not for the betterment of mankind, they should be disposed of before they become full fledged dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or the present leader of North Korea.

Not a single person on the face of this earth deserves what has happened and what is yet going on in different countries of the world.

Even the United States leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

The latest case in question has to do with the United States deporting an ex-Nazi guard Jakiw Palij, a former Nazi concentration camp guard who is now 95 years old.

He was carried out of his home on a stretcher by federal agents in the United States and flown back to Germany after living here in the United States after World War II.

Are any of our present leaders in the United States aware of the fact that, in the 1940s, any person or persons who did not obey Adolf Hitler or his henchmen were put to death without question immediately and in any manner?

One should ask themselves if Jakiw Palij was a concentration camp guard because he wanted to be, or was he a guard only to save his own life, like millions of other human beings who have faced the same situation in their lifetime?

I completely disagree 100 percent with the deportation of this ex-Nazi guard, who is disabled and 95 years of age and being flown back to where the bad things in life had started for him and may be rekindled when he was deported from our country against this will.

Anyone who thinks this should have happened to this 95-year-old man would have to be completely gutless.


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