It’s all about control!



Socialism seems to be the preferred political and economic system of young people today. That can only mean that they don’t know what socialism is. They think socialism is about getting free stuff. The truth is, the “free” stuff you get under socialism is the most expensive stuff you will ever receive.

All that free stuff will cost you more money in the end, but it will also cost you your freedom.

It will cost more money because government bureaucracies and government-paid corporations are the most inefficient way to accomplish any task, and even when government tries to limit costs, it only manages to produce huge shortages.

Worse than the exorbitant costs of government programs is the control that goes with them.

I believe that, if government is paying for your healthcare, it controls your healthcare.

If it’s paying for your education, it controls your education, and if it’s paying for your high-speed internet access, it will control the internet.

Every dollar of government money comes with government control.

The more “free” stuff you accept the more control of your life you lose.

When the government controls you, they own you. Control is the hallmark of ownership. So when you allow the government to pay for your needs, you are literally selling yourself into slavery. The freedom you give away will never be returned, but the government goodies will soon vanish. Socialist countries have historically failed and left their people in far worse conditions than they were ever in before Socialism was tried.

The latest example, Venezuela, has vast oil reserves, and was once one of the richest countries in South America. Since instituting a socialist government, it has become one of the poorest with people fleeing to avoid starvation. Is that what we want in this country?


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