Let socialism die



Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez, the 28 year old who will likely be the next congresswoman for New York’s 14th district, is a clear sign of which direction the Democratic Party is heading: Free stuff = free votes. Among her many campaign promises, policies like free healthcare, free college, and free housing are among her most popular.

While this is a “red” flag to many Americans, left and right alike, who don’t believe the government’s role is to give you free things, the truth behind her is haunting.

For years now, fellow millennials have been blinded and led astray by the aroma of socialism. From high schools to colleges, the idea that capitalism is inherently greedy (outdated) and that socialism is inherently moralistic (new and hip) has spread through the student bodies like a virus. Because of this, curing it proves to be quite complex. And even when you have your cure, it can mutate.

When Venezuela was growing healthily, socialists like Bernie Sanders praised its success and made it the north star of his ideology; follow it, and you will succeed. However, upon its inevitable failure, socialism didn’t take responsibility.

Instead, socialists claimed it wasn’t “real socialism,” inferring that they know how it went wrong and could’ve prevented its fall better than the hundreds of Venezuelan politicians who said the same thing.

Truth be told, socialism is the darkest, most slippery path a nation can take.

Instead of believing the government is responsible enough to nationalize entire industries, leave it to individuals.

We can always debate regulation, but it is rather late for discussion when the government is in control of your medical bills, college tuition, and mortgage.


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