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After a valiant struggle, Arizona U.S. Sen. John McCain has succumbed to brain cancer. Most would agree that Sen. McCain is a true American patriot who, whether on the field of battle or in the halls of Congress, consistently placed his comrades and his country above himself and his political party.

In planning his own memorial service, Sen. McCain requested that the two men who had prevented his presidential aspirations serve as eulogists. Former Presidents Bush, a Republican, and Obama, a Democrat, will deliver remarks honoring Sen. McCain in an homage to bipartisanship.

Notably, Donald Trump was not invited.

Why? John McCain was everything Donald Trump is not. McCain was articulate, intelligent and a serious student of history. He strove to be truthful and honest (recall his “Straight Talk Express” during the 2000 presidential primary campaign?), and when he erred, he admitted his mistakes. He was self-sacrificing, self-deprecating and humble. McCain was responsible and rational, a pragmatist and a realist. He was courageous and a genuine American hero.

Donald Trump shares none of these attributes. Trump’s cartoonish overcompensation for his pettiness, his ignorance, his cowardice, his juvenile personality and his failures is obvious. And all this says nothing of his likely criminality.

His disgraceful response to Sen. McCain’s death highlights Trump’s narcissistic psychopathy.

When John McCain was suffering unspeakable torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors in Hanoi, Donald Trump was avoiding military service (and venereal disease, according to him) cowering in some bone spur clinic in Queens.

Trump is an “emperor with no clothes,” an “empty suit,” and although he knows it, Trump will never admit to this truth. (Please, Mr. Trump, release your tax returns!)

Ask yourself, which man, McCain or Trump, would you prefer as a role model for your children or grandchildren. The answer should be self-evident, but sadly, for too many it is not.

Donald Trump is a joke — a very powerful, dangerous, sick joke.

But John McCain will not “go gently into that good night.”

Even in death, Sen. McCain will forever speak truth to power.


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