‘Thank you’ would be nice


Mill Hall

The other day I was on break at work reading The Lock Haven Express.

I came across an article where the Community Pool at Mill Hall was thanking the Clinton County commissioners for the donation they received to buy supplies for the pool. I was wondering, when will taxpayers ever get a thank you?

Just once, I would like to hear, “I want to thank the taxpayers for making this donation possible.”

Taxpayers are the backbone of everything.

The only time I have heard a “thank you” was when Alabama’s Country Song 40 Week came out. I went to the commissioners’ meeting the other night about the $5 vehicle registration fee they are trying to throw on us.

To them, $5 doesn’t seem like much, but that’s just the point.

They should work a 12-hour day once, then they could see what it is all about … having money drained out of them.

I would like to thank all the people who stood up and said they were not happy about it. I was planning on standing up when a gentleman stood up and took the words right out of my mouth.

At the beginning of the meeting, one of the commissioners made the statement that Clinton County doesn’t really need the money.

The man who stood told the commissioners they should then lower the taxes and give taxpayers a break.

None of these agencys need really the money.

Keystone Central School District, Bald Eagle Township … money is easy to come by for them.

Just raise taxes to get money from taxpayers, or raise the sewage bill of $75 a month.

I went to a lot of those meetings, but myself and my neighbors still have a road that is falling apart and we still wade though water every time it rains over by the Mill Hall Park.

The day after school started, I noticed a lot of parents at Walmart buying school supplies that our tax dollars should be paying for.

Where did this money go? Or maybe they don’t know how to manage money?

I know it doesn’t mean much writing here, but it is a great place to vent.

I guess enough is enough. It’s time to get rid of this selfishness and start giving all the hardworking taxpayers some credit.

Thank you for reading, take care.


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