What would they say?


State College

I am willing to believe Donald Trump when he says that Omarosa is a lying lowlife.

So who was the idiot who hired her to be a senior government official?

This is not an administration – it’s a broad, heavy-handed, unfunny farce.

Tell me Republicans, are you proud of what your party has become?

Remember who you used to be?

What would President Ulysses Grant, who fought the Civil War and instituted martial law to defend the rights of newly freed slaves, say about the proliferation of the flag of treason and the attempt to disenfranchise black citizens?

What would President Theodore Roosevelt say about destroying the protections for the national parks he created?

What would President Dwight Eisenhower, who fought the Nazis all the way to Berlin, say about a President who calls Nazis “fine people”?

What would even Nixon, who created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), say about attempts to gut it?

What would those who fought for fiscal responsibly say about the current deficit?

Put yourselves in their place.

Look at the current crop of Republican legislators, lapdogs of Trump, and decide that either they go out of the “Grand Old Party” or you go. You do not belong together.

Come next election, vote against the current Republican candidates, and then proceed to rebuild your party.


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