Where are the safety studies?



A recent lawsuit has brought some startling results about vaccines and their safety.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was asked to provide information on how it was keeping vaccines safe.

A quick history lesson is needed to explain why this is so important. In 1986, the Reagan Administration granted pharmaceutical companies protection with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (VICA).

This meant that you could no longer sue the pharmaceutical company if the vaccine caused damage to your child.

Instead you received compensation from a government program IF you could prove there was a vaccine injury.

Ok, so fast forward to today.

Part of the 1986 agreement is the HHS had to report every two years to Congress as to the progress they were making in the area of vaccine safety.

Part of a recent lawsuit brought on by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was to see these safety studies and reports since 1986. This is information that is supposed to be given out under the Freedom of Information Act.

The HHS response was “The (Department’s) searches for record did not locate any records responsive to your request.” In other words there has been no reporting of vaccine safety since 1986! Nothing has been done … no research, no studies, nothing. As a medical provider, I find this very disturbing. Over the last 30 years the number of vaccines given has ballooned and we don’t know the long term safety of these.


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