‘Medicare for all’ is Un-American



Why does health care favor big corporations and the excessively rich more than the individual and their community?

This question is the spearhead of the Democratic Socialists movement, seemingly being compassionate and thoughtful over greedy and exploitative.

But just like socialism, it is a blatant facade wrapped in lies and omission.

For one, policies like “Medicare for all” would have a crippling cost … as in $33 trillion over the next 10 years added to the federal budget, according to a study by George Mason University.

Yes, that’s trillion with a “t.”

Secondly, it is downright selfish and exploitative. You cannot demand control over another person’s labor and services, just as nobody else can demand control over your labor and services.

But by declaring healthcare a “right” like Bernie Sanders has, you effectively declare individuals have an inherent right to another individual’s labor and services.

Ironically, this policy of “equality” is borderline slavery. Our health care has its issues undoubtedly, but nationalizing fields and industries is a non-sequitur to those issues entirely.