Two letters



Charles Reeder recently attempted to define “skeptic” and “cynic” as it pertained to man-made climate change.

He’d like you to believe that a cynic is anyone who doesn’t agree with his position. He says that a skeptic would not question the premise that the current climate cycle is outside of the normal range, even though there is no empirical evidence to prove it is and a lot of evidence to suggest it isn’t outside of normal range.

Chuck, like most of the adamant MMCC supporters, confuse weather with climate.

But even using weather as a measuring stick is sketchy. Hottest on record, coldest on record, wettest on record, driest on record, the most powerful hurricane on record. They all say the same thing, “on record”. Accurate records using accurate measuring devices depict only a minuscule period in the earth’s history.

Jay D. Meyers recently told us how successful Social Security and Medicare were as a model of socialism. If that is true, why do so many of our seniors complain about not having enough money each month to pay for housing, food and medical? I think that Jay needs to poke his hear outside of his socialist utopian bubble and see what’s really going on.