Exposing Wolf



Nearly every morning when we wake up, we turn on the news to see intentional misinformation to start out our days. While refraining from false claims of any party or anyone based on their beliefs, one must make themselves aware of the ridiculousness of certain elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington before approaching the voting machines on Nov. 6.

I am confident saying that many reading this have heard about our current governor’s record, or at least what he tells you.

But I feel a need to expose the record he won’t speak of. Imagine you run a business. At the end of the year, everyone would like to see a budget. Now say you never sign an annual budget. The absence of financial security will set of a shockwave of negativity that not only hurts you, but everyone who is associated with the company.

Now say that you haven’t signed a budget for three years. Our governor, Tom Wolf, did that.

Imagine that you run an office supply store. Instead of learning about technology or office equipment, you solely focus on promoting clothes sales. This isn’t what customers want, do they?

Pennsylvanians find it next to impossible to grasp that Wolf, coming from a state Trump won in 2016, received the ranking for “Most Liberal Governor in America,” according to InsideGov. Although more Pennsylvanians associate themselves with the Democratic Party, the values of Pennsylvania do not align with those of our governor.


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