Ezra for education



On Nov. 6, you have a choice to make. A choice that will affect the future of our district and our state in the 21st Century.

A choice that will determine how our public schools and our public universities fare.

Ezra Nanes is the right choice for the 34th Senatorial District here in Central Pennsylvania.

Ezra believes education is the best investment we can make. He believes in our public schools and our teachers as the gateway to opportunity for our children. Ezra is committed to fully and fairly funding public education, expanding vocational and technical training opportunities, and making higher education more affordable and accessible. It is vitally important that we train a workforce ready to take on the challenges that the future holds.

Ezra is personally committed to our public schools – he has two children in the State College school district. His opponent has continually opposed plans to increase funding for public education and, under Gov. Tom Corbett, voted to slash nearly $1 billion in public education funding.

The choice is clear. Stand with Ezra to make sure that our public schools, the children in them, and our teachers are given the best possible education with the best possible tools, resources, and support from the legislators in Harrisburg.

Vote Ezra Nanes for our next state senator. The choice is yours. Show how much you really care.


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