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Pine Creek

Bribery, fraud, corruption, abuse of power, the good old boys network … words long associated with corruption in the highest levels of our Pennsylvania state government.

The list of these dirty, crooked, no-account politicians is lengthy. Here are a few that you will recall. Each of them have been convicted of crimes: State Treasurers, Barbera Hafer and Rob McCord; Attorny General Kathleen Kane; Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin; Turnpike Commission, Joe Brimmeier, George Hatalowich and Mitchel Rubin; State Senators Bob Mellow, Leanna Washington and Jane Orie; State Representatives Brett Feese, John Perzel, Joe Brennan, Jose Miranda, Ron Walters and Harold James.

Republicans and Democrats alike, men and women. Look it up for yourselves.

Recall these big political names: Ernie Preate, Budd Dwyer, Bill DeWeese and Vince Fumo … each were as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

The problem:

— Pennsylvania campaign law allows elected officials to raise as much money as they please, banning only direct corporate contributions. It is a free-for-all. “Special interest” get what they want due to their vast contributions to our elected officials. The working man and the working woman are left behind.

— This law gives tremendous advantage to incumbents. Most are re-elected as their campaign coffers are overflowing. Rarely does a challenger win.

— Once in office, their first goal is their re-election due to the fabulous salaries, amazing retirements, an additional $180 per diem, free for life healthcare and perks and benefits too numerous to mention here. This year, they will be in session for a mere 44 days. Think about that folks. All of that money … all of those benefits … 44 days.

— It is all about power and money. The result is a legislature replete with politicians for life. As seen above, many will do wahtever it takes to keep their power.

The solution:

— Vote the bums out of office. They will never change the law that keeps them in power.

— We need term limits. The same as the president, eight years and done. Out you go.

— After their terms, bar them all from special interest and political action groups.

Had enough?

Vote for Stephanie Borowicz.


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