Ladies soccer alumni game coverage?


Lock Haven

The Alumni Game that Hunter Barger organized for her senior project (played last Saturday, Oct. 6) was a huge success, in my opinion. I’m now a grandmother, cheering on my grandkids in sports, but it was so nostalgic and awesome to watch those women playing the game like they never stepped away from the field!

If you didn’t go to it, you missed a good game.

The ladies are shining examples of strong women, and are role models to their sons, daughters and others who attended. Scott Baker did a fabulous job with the biographies on all the players, announcing the year they graduated and their lives now. The budget artist took fantastic pictures of the women, recording the event for all who participated, and all of us parents who watched our kids play on the field once again.

Which brings me to my question: Why no picture of the teams and Hunter in The Express? Bill took a really nice picture of them all together after the game…it would have been nice to see it in the local paper with a small article. I have huge respect for the women who got on that field and played their hearts out!

I’m proud of all of them, but disappointed at the lack of coverage.

(Editor’s Note: THANKS for your diligence, Darlene! We also thought the game and effort was special so we waited to publish it today so that we had ample space for photos and information. Please see our Susquehanna Sunrise section front and thanks so much! Congratulations to Hunter, too!)


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