Mike Hanna


Lock Haven

I know the retiring State Rep. Mike Hanna Sr. I know him to be honest, hardworking and thorough in his research of his positions.

How do I know this? Because I have worked in his legislative office for 16 years. What I can tell you in my time here is that I have seen plenty of grants, funding awards, dedications, constituent meetings, seminars, town halls, etc. in our community. I can also tell you there is no talk of party affiliation, resident or voter requirements to use his office.

You see, a district office is nonpolitical. I can also tell you that, in my time with his district office, we have helped thousands of constituents with everything from property tax rebate forms, energy assistance, federal government concerns, birth certificates, PennDOT issues, and many more concerns too numerous to mention. I have gotten to know many people while working here who told me they don’t know what they would do without Mike Hanna and this office.

I also know the candidate Mike Hanna Jr. Mike Jr. is also honest, hardworking and thorough in his research of issues to do the exact things for this county and his constituents that his retiring father has done.

I hope for the constituents in our community that they choose Mike Jr. so they can receive the same help in future years as they have for the past 28 years.

(Submitted by the 5 p.m. Oct.12 deadline).


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