Mike Hanna Jr.: Educated, experienced and engaged


Mill Hall

The 76th House District needs Mike Hanna, Jr. to serve in Harrisburg as its representative. He is well educated, and experienced. He has spoken to residents from one end of this district to the other. During those conversations, he has learned about the needs and issues of the citizens who he will represent, and he will fight hard to serve those needs.

I’m sitting here, looking at the latest political flyer sent out by the Borowicz campaign. I’m thrilled to see the clear distinction between Mike Sr. and Jr.

As a Hanna Jr. volunteer, I’m doing my best to distribute materials and talk to people to eliminate any confusion about his candidacy. I know that Mike Jr. has personally knocked on 11,000 doors, and a group of dedicated volunteers continue to knock on doors to spread the word.

Campaigns have a way of showing a candidate’s rigor. Mike Jr. has demonstrated a high degree of energy and stamina. He will fight to represent the needs of the 76th District.

The Hanna campaign doesn’t have the big money backing that the Borowicz campaign has, which is fine. Mike Jr. enjoys talking to the people that he hopes to represent. He has learned, first hand, the needs and issues that matter to the residents of the 76th District. Fliers may be nice, but they don’t replace important face-to-face interactions.

Mike Jr. relies on the contributions of supporters to fund his campaign. Campaigns are expensive, and he works on a shoestring budget. Materials from his dad’s run two years ago have proven to be a blessing.

His opponent has criticized Mike Jr. for having a job in Harrisburg, inferring that his dad was instrumental in getting him that job. I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that he has worked in Harrisburg for 10 years. With a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in liberal arts with a focus in political science, he merited his jobs. His education and experience have well prepared him to be a state representative. If you’re upset that Mike Sr. may have helped his son acquire his job in Harrisburg 10 years ago, you must be outraged that the Trump children work in his administration.

People want to hear your views on issues, Ms. Borowicz. I want to hear you articulate them in your own words. Please contact Democratic headquarters to schedule a debate. Mike is eager to debate you.

Is it true that you’re from Florida? Where were you educated? What was your major? What governing experience will you bring to the office of state representative? People have questions. We need to hear from you.

Mike Jr. is a lifelong resident of Central Pennsylvania. He will work hard to bring jobs to the 76th District, and he will work to protect jobs at SCI Benner and Rockview. He will fight to ensure fair funding to our school districts, and he’ll make sure that our lottery funds continue to help our senior citizens, including the property tax rent rebate, PACE and PACENET programs.

If I ever have a problem that requires a voice in Harrisburg, I want Mike Hanna Jr. in my corner. Experience and education matter! On Nov. 6, please cast your vote for Mike Hanna Jr.


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