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Lock Haven

Imagine receiving $65,000 every hour, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

This is after paying out $4,000,000 In donations and taxes.

Of that $400 million, a large percentage, we don’t know how much thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision, goes to political campaigns.

These figures are based on the $1 billion annual income of David Koch, Koch Industries, as reported by Jane Meyer in her book, “Dark Money.”

Meyer is a renowned investigative journalist who researched this subject for two years. She also reports that the Koch political action network has approximately 500 members. They are millionaires, billionaires, multimillionaires, and multibillionaires.

Corporate money supports corporate political interests.

At times citizens benefit from corporate efforts. At other times, we pay a big price such as cleaning up toxic messes they often leave behind.

A government should be voted in by a majority of its people, not bought by rich special interests.

Marc Friedenberg, during his legal career, sued the Wall Street Banks, whose reckless policies caused the recent financial crisis. Marc will work to create well-paying jobs by rebuilding our bridges and roads, and by bringing us high-speed internet. He will fight to get health care for all of us, that includes lower-priced drugs and less expensive visits to health care providers. Health care is a human right. Marc believes education, including college and technical schools, should be more affordable. Marc will work hard to make that happen.

He strongly supports the need for clean air, pure water and preserving the natural beauty that our hunters, fishermen, hikers and campers love. Promoting renewable energy, which is providing jobs now and well into the future, is yet another priority for Marc.

This man has the integrity and skill to combat the opioid crisis that threatens us. He is a husband, a father, and family man who has the need for a better future deeply embedded in his heart.

For too long our Central Pennsylvania congressional districts have had representatives who favor wealthy campaign donors’ interests over ours. In Marc, we have a chance to elect someone who will represent all of us.

Most of us do not begrudge those who work hard, acquire success, and play by fair rules but our government should not be for sale. Marc Friedenberg is outside the sphere of the special interest big money that tries to buy elections.

On Nov. 6, put an outsider in. Put Marc Friedenberg in Congress for the 12th District.


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