Political calculus



I’ve heard that Mike Hanna Jr. will somehow be more effective than Stephanie Borowicz as our state representative, thanks to his familiarity with Harrisburg.

That strikes me as more hope than reality, given that neither has seniority in their respective parties. Other two, four, or six-year Democratic representatives are not going to abdicate their seniority to a newcomer just based on name. Power within the party will likely determine effectiveness, and neither will have an advantage.

The advantage comes from the power of the party itself as it relates to the General Assembly.

Having a representative that’s a member of the majority will be far better than one in the minority. The current breakdown by party of the Senate is 34 Republicans to 16 Democrats, and the House is 120 Republicans to 83 Democrats and there’s no indication that it will change.

With such a decided advantage to Republicans in the state Legislature, Stephanie is clearly the best choice from a purely political perspective.


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