President Trump: Let’s keep winning; don’t fire Meuller



In many ways, President Donald J. Trump is the best thing to happen to the GOP in recent memory. He’s energized our base and brought new voters into the Republican fold. He’s advocated a bold agenda.

Because of his policies, our economy is growing at a record pace. He has instituted regulatory roll-backs and tackled trade imbalances.

We are winning again!

President Trump also has provided a life-line to rural America that was devastated by out-of-control regulators who bypassed the proper legislative process.

As we head into the important mid-term elections, we need to keep the positive momentum going. That’s why I urge President Trump and his administration not to take the Democrat bait of attempting to interfere with the Russian collusion investigation or fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If he does, we know the Democrats will try to destroy his presidency.

I believe President Trump when he says there was no Russian collusion by him or his campaign. To date, Mueller has not shown any evidence of collusion. Mueller needs to wrap up the investigation in short order. It seems reasonable to me that Mueller, who is a seasoned professional and man of integrity, should release his findings after the successful Republican mid-term election.

I ask Robert Mueller to quickly wrap up his investigation and President Trump not to interfere. The president needs to get this behind him so that he can focus his energy on growing our economy, protecting our borders and making the world a safer place to live.

(John Peterson, a former Republican U.S. congressman, represented the 5th Congressional District, now the 15th Congressional District.)


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