Send wolf packing



In 2016, the hard-working men and women of Pennsylvania rose against the establishment and elected Donald Trump to serve as President of the United States. Trump campaigned on tax reform, protection of our 2nd Amendment rights, religious liberty, life from conception, and countless other American virtues that do not align with those of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

While Pennsylvania elected Trump to the White House, Wolf got elected “America’s Most Liberal Governor” by InsideGov.

How does he reflect our Pennsylvania values?

How does “Taxman Tom’s” instinctive guile for increasing taxes resonate with the small business owner? How do his vetoes of bipartisan pro-Life bills compel the over millions of Christians in Pennsylvania to vote for him?

How can hunters who support the Pennsylvania Constitution, which states that “the right to bear arms shall not be questioned,” stand with Wolf when I believe he wants to restrict our firearm rights? Send Wolf packing Nov. 6!


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