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State College

Our 12th District Republican Congressional representatives, Tom Marino, and U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson of the15th District, proudly declare their “pro-life” positions. However, this assertion is belied by their platforms and betrayed by their votes.

If Marino and Thompson are “pro-life,” why don’t they advocate for sensible changes in gun laws? According to the Gun Violence Archive, in 2017, 15,639 deaths were attributed to gun violence. “Pro-life?”

If Marino and Thompson are “pro-life,” why have they opposed measures to curb climate change?

Regardless of causes, the effects are clear. According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, “climate change is impacting the severity or frequency of health problems that are already affected by climate or weather factors; and it is creating unprecedented or unanticipated health problems or health threats in places where they have not previously occurred.”

If Marino and Thompson are “pro-life,” why have they not supported a plan to ensure we will all have health care? Although eager to repeal and defund “Obamacare,” they have not provided a viable alternative. Their lack of planning would leave millions of people uninsured or struggling to afford health insurance or pay for care.

“Pro-life?” Really?

On these issues and many others that affect all of our lives, Marc Friedenberg and Susan Boser want to truly represent us.

We have a choice on Nov. 6. Cast your vote for the Democrat challengers: Marc Friedenberg in the 12th District and Susan Boser in the 15th District. Your vote makes a critical difference.


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