Wear it with pride



Hillary Clinton called the KKK, skinheads and neo-Nazis who supported Donald “deplorables” and Donald rode that brand to the White House.

Trumpies proudly wore their “deplorables” T-shirts, along with their MAGA hats. They were united by the title. Donald and his Republican flunkies in Congress are now painting women, who they believe don’t know their place and won’t meekly accept abuse and lies, and who weren’t willing to accept the Kavanaugh white-wash, as an “angry mob.”

It’s your time. Wear that title with pride. Get an “Angry Mobster” T-shirt. Wear it with your pink hat and march to the polls on Nov. 6. Bring all your friends with you. Don’t waste your power on protest votes, or worse, not voting. Only a strong Democratic victory in the House and Senate can put a leash on Donald and his grabby friends.


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