Wrong about Marino


Weikert, Pa.

I’m writing in response to Ed Zygmunt’s Oct. 5 letter to the editor and his criticism of our great congressman, Tom Marino. You state Marino has been MIA for eight years. That is simply not true. You probably haven’t seen Mr. Marino in Laceyville considering Wyoming County has not been part of his district since 2011. He has been very accessible to his constituents as I have seen him at various public events in the area speaking with the public. For the past two years (not eight as you say, Mr. Zygmunt), I have seen Congressman Marino at rallies supporting President Trump, too.

I have seen him supporting the unprecedented successes of our President and Congress that include: 4 million new jobs; 4 percent economic growth; Obamacare individual mandate eliminated; historic tax cuts that put money back in our pockets; record low unemployment for women and minorities; wages are rising; our 2nd Amendment right is protected; the defeat of ISIS; our religious freedom is protected; an administration that supports the unborn, elderly, and veterans; allies are finally pairing their fair share; progress toward de-nuclearizing North Korea; the end of NAFTA; American manufacturing is booming; we are rebuilding our infrastructure, and, finally, Trump intends to build a wall along our Mexican border.

What’s not to celebrate? Not only has Rep. Marino been instrumental in moving our country forward by supporting our President, he has proposed his own legislation that will help our farmers, increase rural broadband connectivity, protect our prison guards, and cut harmful government regulations.

And that’s only a small portion of the good this man has done for his constituents. It’s clear he works for us in Washington and deserves our full support.


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