We’d be a much better country


White Hall

We were in Melborne, Australia, on Veterans Day. They take this day and celebrate it the same way we do in the United States.

They fought in many of the same wars we did, and continue to do so. Their veterans carry the same scars as ours do. What I saw that amazed me was the diversity of their military.

Australia and New Zealand all have many other races filling their military services.

They stand side by side and there is no mention of a person’s race or religious beliefs. This falls into the civilian populace as well. In the 3 weeks of traveling around Australia and new Zealand, they, the whole population, were proud of their cultures and the different religions that make up their country.

They have no problem telling the proud history of another race or religion and hold zero hate against one another for being ” different “. It was nice to not see the news talking about our President’s latest charade or lies that he constantly tells to take the news away from the investigation that may eventually be his downfall. I hope we eventually get to a place where we also will honor and respect one another and not see someone for the color of their skin, their religion or sexual preferences.

We all honor our Veterans and do not see their race, religion. Why not do this to one another the same as those “down under” do? We would be a much better country if we did.