Fair taxes are not based on the value of a home



In his latest diatribe trying to convince us that property taxes are the only fair way to assess local and school taxes, letter writer David Faust (Jan. 4 letter, “Unfair taxes) says this, “However, real estate property taxes, based on the size of a property and its attached structure(s), are closely related to one’s ability to pay taxes, and they should be increased in order to eliminate per capita, real estate transfer, occupational and earned income taxes on workers. Those who can afford to build mansions on a hill with crystal chandeliers should pay more in order to eliminate those unfair taxes on those with less income.”

David’s narrow view fails to consider that there are seniors who bought those “mansions” and have paid them off decades ago, and their value today has nothing to do with the owners current income.

Reading David’s letters wanting those who he perceives to be rich to pay more in taxes has me wondering if David is a bitter old man who was never able to achieve his goal of wealth and home ownership.

His letters reek of jealousy and bitterness toward people of means, whether they actually are people of means or only in his mind.


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