I am Lou Bernard


Lock Haven

A while back I wrote a letter protesting the self-checkouts at the local Weis Market on Bald Eagle Street.

To recap: I hate them. I want people to have jobs, and I prefer people at those registers. I absolutely will not use the self-checkouts; they disgust me.

Not long after, Rebecca Forbes wrote in agreeing with me in a letter entitled, “I’m with Lou Bernard.”

Soon after that, Nate Kownacki gave the other side of the story, writing in to say “I’m NOT with Lou Bernard.”

(For the record, Nate and I are actually friends, and we’re cool.)

Well, I AM Lou Bernard, and here’s a few observations I’ve made in the month or so since. First, if you’re complaining to the cashiers about the self-checkouts and resulting long lines, don’t. They have nothing to do with it. I actually like the cashiers at Weis, which is my whole point. They’re good workers and deserve respect. Instead of complaining to them, call corporate at 1-866-999-9347 and request that more cashiers be added.

Second, I have been assured that nobody has lost jobs or hours.

I have one word to add to that: Yet. I am not young and innocent enough to assume that Weis will continue to pay people if they can make a bigger profit through their machines. I’ve also been assured that there are always two or three cashiers to wait on me, but that has not been my experience. When I go in there these days, I see a long line of people waiting for the one overworked cashier.

There’s no express lane anymore.

There’s no “15 items or less” lane, just the choice between a long line and an impersonal machine.

I believe that Weis can do better than that.

I have no problem with people who want to use the self-checkouts. That’s their right.

But I want the other option. I want a human to be there for me. So we’re clear, I’ve been spending my money at Weis for almost 30 years, and I’ve always received great service until they put the self-checkouts in.

From what I’ve seen, there are a lot of people in this community who agree with me. If enough of us stand up and say so, we can make a difference.

Contact the Weis corporate office at 1-866-999-9347 or go online to www.weismarkets.com/customer-service and make your voice heard.

Together, we can make a change.

I’m Lou Bernard, and I approve this message.


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