Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Jersey Shore

I’m writing to ask what is wrong with this generation?

People would rather see buildings torn down than trying to restore them.

Getting together a “GoFundme” account the building could be restored.

A new roof on the Town Tavern wouldn’t cost as much as a wrecking ball. Make the last Jimmy Bressi proud, after all, he was the “best bartender” in Lock Haven.

I can remember when the Town Tavern was the place where college kids hung out.

As for The Fallon Hotel, why weren’t the owners forced to make repairs on it?

I’m sure if homeowners left their properties go, they would be fined.

Lock Haven isn’t dead, it’s a nice town, has a wonderful college and has the beautiful river as an asset.

The Piper fly-in still has visitors coming from near and far each summer.

Back in the 1970s after the 1972 flood, Jersey Shore had so many buildings torn down, it looked like a bomb site.

They tore down our Victoria Movie Theatre, the Jersey Shore Hotel and a furniture store we had.

I guess the government’s money meant more to borough council than restoring the buildings.

Don’t let that happen to Lock Haven.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


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