Wheeler a disaster for U.S. EPA



As a young student that cares about the environment I have seen the impact of a single voice. I participated in Get Out the Vote with environmental action group Defend Our Future and personally aided students and other young people to vote in the midterm elections by helping them register and educating them about environmental issues. Young voters are passionate about the environment and voted in a wave of new representatives that reflect those values.

Last week, the House Committees on Energy and Commerce and Natural Resources kicked off a month of hearings on climate change, the first time in many years there have been hearings in the House on this issue. It is a huge step forward seeing a body of government finally moving in the right direction on this issue, especially while we watch the Trump Administration dismantle all the progress our country has made in the last decade on environmental protection.

The nomination of Andrew Wheeler, an ex coal lobbyist, to run the EPA and a recent proposal to roll back lifesaving mercury pollution safeguards show young people that the Trump Administration cares more for coal executives than public health. It is in times like these that young people and representatives need to use their voice.

The vote for the nomination of Andrew Wheeler to the EPA would be a disaster. It is time our Senators, Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, follow the environmental leadership of the House and their constituents by voting against Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation.


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