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To Cam Hironimus and her Feb. 27 letter, “People need to be educated about veterans.”

Out of all the people who responded to your husband’s letter as he tries (but fails) to explain why some veterans are not as important as other veterans, you are missing the point.

So I will point it all out.

Now I do not give a flying fig on how it looks on paper. The main issue is: A veteran is a veteran.

All of us who buried our husband, son, daughter, etc. with full military honors even though they did not fight on the front lines does not diminish our pride in them … as I just did a short time ago with my husband, Bob.

You need to choose your words carefully as I believe you have insulted many good veterans.

I have not failed to understand the different levels of military servicemen and women, whether they’re on the front line or behind the line. Our military personnel sacrifice to work anywhere the military needs them. They work in hospitals to make sure the front-line combaters’ injuries are stable before flying them to a better hospital that can do better for their lost limbs and other injuries and mental disorders, including post traumatic stress syndrome, or PTSD. And don’t forget the cooks who make sure their comrades – front, second, third or whatever line – get a decent meal and some comforts.

They are sons, husbands, mothers and daughters.

Then there are those who work behind the desks to make sure servicemen and women get paid, get transportation, can communicate with loved ones at home, etc., etc. etc. Oh God, I could go on.


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