Horton hears hooey



A recent letter echoed the sentiments of many baby killing politicians like Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, saying things like, I’m personally against abortion, but I can’t tell other people what to do.

I’m calling B.S.

Since when are any of these people libertarians? The letter writer and all the politicians who say that are happy to force gun control, Obamacare, and service at gay weddings on us, along with confiscating our earnings to give to those who will not work. But suddenly, when it comes to killing babies, they’re all about freedom?

They want to limit our choices in everything, including what we can say, but not the choice to kill? How does any of this make sense?

It makes sense when you understand that it is a lie. These people don’t think abortion is wrong; they are just saying that to sound moral. They want to sound like good people and still allow babies to be slaughtered.

Real libertarians don’t believe you have the right to harm another human being and that’s exactly what abortion does; it kills another human being. That is wrong and should be against the law.

This is not a religious argument. All people know that murder is wrong, because they know it would be wrong to murder them. This is a plain issue of right and wrong that anyone can understand.

To quote the lovable Dr. Seuss character, Horton, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” And like Horton in that story, someone needs to stand up for the right to life of those too small to stand for themselves.


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