Calling all registered voters


State College

May 21 is a special day for all registered voters in the sprawling 12th Congressional District. That’s our day to elect a new U. S. Representative.

May 21 is also the day of Pennsylvania’s Party Primaries, when Democrats and the Republicans select their own candidates to then run in the fall general elections. That continues as usual.

But, because 12th District Rep. Tom Marino resigned his position in January, this seat is open. That’s right, the people living in the 15 counties in this district do not currently have a voice in Congress.

This will change after May 21.

It is important to know that ALL registered voters can vote in the special May 21 election for US Representative: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and all other registered voters. We have the only election for a congressman this spring, and so the eyes of the nation will be on us. It’s important to know that ALL voters can cast a ballot.

May 21 is the day of the party primaries, plus the day all registered voters can help choose our next representative in Congress. Let your voice be heard by casting your ballot in this special election. Now is your chance to choose a representative who will truly represent your values and concerns.


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