Stephanie Borowicz



I believe that State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, R-Clinton-Centre, has started her career as our representative with several mistakes.

The first mistake was when she went to Harrisburg and forced her personal religious doctrine down the throats of Pennsylvania citizens during her March 25 prayer before the House. Pennsylvania is a state of many religions and they all have the freedom to practice their faith here.

Secondly, as just reported in The Express, Stephanie announced that she was hosting a seminar on firearms in North Bend. The people here have had firearms for many years and the hunting community has handled it very well. I think that we live in a safe environment.

No one wants their rights taken away and the fear of that has caused doubts in our communities.

Stephanie, you said that “gun ownership is a God given right.”

That is not true, in my opinion.

The government gives the right to bear arms, not God. While we may not agree about what our government does, it is what we have to live with. If changes are to be made it should benefit all.

Stephanie, you need to address the needs of everyone you represent in the communities in the district in a responsible way.


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