Both sides of their mouth



I see the Democratic socialists are still trying to destroy the country. They still cannot believe that Hillary lost the election. For the past two years, they were spreading the lie about collusion between President Trump and Russia. They were praising Mr. Mueller and his team saying that they themselves had definite proof of the so-called collusion. However, with the outcome of the investigation proving they were lying through their teeth, they now do not like Mueller and are claiming he didn’t go far enough. All this after two years and millions of tax dollars wasted. The Democrats will not admit they were wrong. But what can you expect from those who will stoop to any depth of the sewer to gain power?

These are the same people who try to claim how compassionate they are by being against the death penalty for murder, but think nothing of killing defenseless babies. This to me is pure Nazism. For those who think it is okay to kill innocent babies or vote for those who become accomplices, I for one would not like to be in their shoes when one day they stand before their maker and try to explain their actions.

I thought to myself, who would be next? That answer came about a day later when I heard Beto O’Rourke said that, “In this period of time, when one has a tool that is broke or wore out, it isn’t worth repairing and should be thrown in the junk pile. And that is the way senior citizens and military veterans should be handled.” All of this while he was waving his hands and arms. I thought he was conducting a symphony orchestra.

The left likes to talk out of both sides of their mouths and are quick to brand a person as being a bigot, but when one of their own makes derogatory remarks about Israelis, it is a far different story. First they are for something, until it doesn’t go their way. Then they condemn it, and vice versa. Some are even making slurring remarks about our Founding Fathers. If this country is so bad, I suggest you go to one that fits your description. Now because things have not gone their way, they want to change the Supreme Court to 12 or 13 and the voting age to 16. As I said before, they will stop at nothing in order to gain power.

Very little of what is above will affect me, as I will soon be 90 years old, but I worry for my descendants.