Broadband internet isn’t ‘free stuff’


State College

I wonder if Fred Keller knows anything about what the district he wants to represent really needs. He answered a recent TV debate question about the critical issue of cybersecurity with a speech on natural gas. That might give you an idea of how out of touch he is.

His opponent, Democrat Marc Friedenberg, talked about access to broadband Internet, a crisis in rural Pennsylvania–and one that Gov. Wolf is working to address. Keller didn’t mention that. Instead, he promised tax and regulation cuts, as if that would solve the problem small businesses with no or poor Internet access face.

To a question about the financial burden college students face, he said not everyone should go to college, and that there are new opportunities in trades–which would have been a valid point, if not for the fact that he voted to cut funds to vocational and career schools (as part of a package to cut spending in education). Thankfully, Gov. Wolf raised teacher’s pay, in spite of politicians like Keller who think schoolteachers only deserve starvation wages.

Keller seems unaware that there’s an opioid crisis, because he voted to raid the drug treatment and prevention fund to plug budget holes.

He offers “fiscal restraint,” and rails against his opponent Marc Friedenberg, for wanting to give away “free stuff.” I guess he sees broadband Internet access, a quality and affordable education, and fighting drug addiction “free stuff” his constituents don’t deserve.

Remember this when you vote on May 21st.