Congress’ contempt charge



Congress believes it has a right to Attorney General William Barr’s report to be given to them during a recent no-show hearing. However below you will see why this writer fears the outcome of such a maneuver. Below is an update from the vox.com website on this contempt charge.

“Frustrated by weeks of missed subpoena deadlines and pushback from the Trump administration, the House Judiciary Committee passed a contempt resolution along party lines on Wednesday, at the end of a lengthy and contentious hearing. The vote comes after Barr failed to deliver Mueller’s complete, unredacted report by a Monday deadline.

“Barr’s main objection to releasing the full report is regulations that prohibit releasing grand jury material to members of Congress. The attorney general has offered Democrats a less redacted version of Mueller’s report, but they’ve so far rejected the offer. They want the full thing?” Although no one should be exempt from testifying before Congress, there should be stipulations on what a person must testify to and what not to. When Congress wants sensitive information revealed, they are not protecting this nation or its citizens who put them in office. Are those elected pushing this nation toward a dictatorship socialist nation? Is this what we adults want to leave for the children who do not have a voice yet? I think not!


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