In support of Christensen


Lock Haven

I got to know Mitch Christensen when he was the finance committee chairperson at our church and I was the treasurer. These were volunteer positions. Often times, volunteers are not able to give 100 percent effort to their volunteer duties. Let’s face it, our paying jobs and our family commitments come first.

This was not the case with Mitch. Mitch went above and beyond in his role as the finance chair. He displayed fiscal responsibility. When income was not as expected, Mitch found ways to cut expenses. Sometimes that meant hard decisions involving employees and sometimes it meant rethinking “the way we’ve always done it.”

Mitch saw tasks through from concept to implementation. I believe he is organized, disciplined and he communicates very well.

I was surprised when Mitch called me earlier this year and asked me to be the treasurer for his election campaign committee. I really didn’t need any more jobs! But I knew that it would be a good experience and I was humbled that he thought I would do a good job. I accepted Mitch’s offer because I know that Mitch is capable and worthy of the commissioner job that he seeks. I believe Mitch will represent Clinton County well and will put all his skills and experiences to work for us. Please vote for Mitch!


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