Military families come second to a wall


White Hall

President Trump just allocated $1.5 billion from military funds that were supposed to be used to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base and moved them to his border wall project.

Almost every building on Tyndall was destroyed or damaged during recent violent storms.

Family living units were ruined. These are the homes in which younger military families live.

This reassignment of funds to Trump’s folly is a sham. He was never in the military. I say he was too scared to serve and made false statements about bone spurs and got four medical deferments to avoid serving and possibly going into a war zone in Vietnam.

Our “Coward in Chief” is taking the very money allocated to help military personnel and using it for a “wall” that, in my opinion, isn’t needed.

This is just to satisfy his base and his pre-election promise to build a wall.

Our president should put our military first. What part of his promise about Mexico paying for the wall are we missing? His base needs to start seeing him for what he is.

If you have any sense of pride in our military and care about their well-being you will understand how wrong this decision is. This is what happens when you vote someone into office who is more worried about their own political future than our troops. I say he is no leader, far from it! He always puts the needs of himself, his family and his rich friends first. Commanders put their troops first, always!


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