Our nation has many problems that need to be corrected



In a May 5 letter to the editor entitled “Amusing,” Galen Seaman outlined several changes that have been made to the Social Security fund. Those changes to the Social Security fund were initiated by Democrats. Those changes are draining the Social Security fund faster than planned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Social Security is just one of a daunting list of problems that need to be met head-on and solved by Congress. That list includes immigration, health care, Medicare, the VA, repair of infrastructure and term limits. Presently, members of Congress “win” their seats and then settle in and start working toward getting reelected. They seem to forget the promises made while garnering votes to gain their seat in Congress.

How many problems have been solved during the past two years? The Mueller report didn’t solve much and cost taxpayers $35 million. That money could have been better spent updating the VA.

Members of Congress remind me of two horses tied together with a 10 foot length of rope. Picture the horses walking down a country lane. At supper time, the horses pass two stacks of hay. The stacks of hay are 15 feet apart. One horse stops at the first stack of hay and begins eating. The other horse heads to the next stack of hay to eat and pulls his companion away from the first stack of hay. What to do? They finally agree to eat at the same stack of hay. Problem solved.

Why can’t Congress solve problems for the good of our nation by negotiating like the above-mentioned fictional horses?

Congress has voted themselves many perks over the past several years. (Great health care, pension, haircuts, in house gym.) It is now time for Congress to get serious about solving the problems facing our nation.

Congress needs to realize that they are Americans and start working together to make America better for all legal Americans.


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