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Jersey Shore

On May 6 state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, R-Clinton-Centre, appeared in a photo at a gun rights rally in Harrisburg. While she has a right to attend gun rallies, she does not have the right to have her photo taken with a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads, members of the American Guard.

She does not have the right to speak for all of her district, if that speech is hateful. The American Guard is not a certified army, militia or police force. They specialize in hate, and a state representative has no business appearing to be one of them. If they were actually some of her constituents, she should have refused to have a photo taken with them, which implies she approves of them and their methods. This is the second time Mrs. Borowicz has stood out for her rudeness and ignorance. The last time was when she gave the invocation in the House of Representatives in a veiled “prayer” slam against one of the newest members of the House, a Muslim woman.

Mrs. Borowicz had to be cut short by the House leader! How embarrassing, for her, for all those who voted for her and for all of the people in the district she represents. There are many people in Clinton County who have been working very hard to make our area more inclusive. Mrs. Borowicz is working equally hard, with a bigger bullhorn, to make it less inclusive. Mrs. Borowicz is not my representative. Since I live downstream from her vile comments, in Jersey Shore, some will think I have no business complaining.

However, she was elected to the state House and all those acts she performs and votes she has/will take certainly will affect me and all others in Pennsylvania.

She is making speeches about her “Christian constituents” and about how she is going to (single-handedly?) “return Pennsylvania to a Christian State.”

I am not a Christian, and am shocked by her callous attitude toward any who do not share her faith. I believe she lacks education and grace.

I believe she has little understanding of what is expected of anyone elected to her position. She has no business in the House. In almost 40 years of living and working in the Lycoming-Clinton Counties, and being involved in politics, I have never heard any elected official speak in such unabashedly vulgar, dismissive language with so little concern for all the people in her district.

Please people, vote her out next election so she can return to her own house and actually mind her own business, not ours. So far as I am concerned, she is disgraced and should apologize, and/or resign!


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