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The politicians in Harrisburg are at it again. In the early 1970s they sold us on the Pennsylvania Lottery with the proceeds benefiting older residents. I was a certified welder for 42 years and have been a lifelong U.S. citizen and Pennsylvania resident. I have recently become permanently disabled. My so-called benefits from the lottery stand at $0. But, the state administration payroll increased along and the long-term pension and benefit cost of said employees were paid out of lottery proceeds and my tax dollars.

The politicians in Harrisburg then sold us on casino gambling to eliminate property taxes for state residents. I’m sure like the rest of state property owners, my taxes have only continued to rise. Yet again, the state employees’ pay with all the related costs have increased.

Now they want to legalize recreational marijuana, saying the taxes and fees will benefit state residents. Yet again, payroll with the long-term costs will increase. I had to be drug and alcohol free and submit to random urine tests to keep my job. Are state residents going to be required to support people because they use drugs and would be unemployable? I would have been fired if I tested positive. We still don’t test welfare or assistance recipients for drugs yet they continue to received all the benefits paid for with my tax dollars. Older residents are losing their homes and ability to live because of taxes and medical expenses.

The final icing on the cake is that our governor has directed the state police not to notify ICE about illegal immigrants in Pennsylvania. Does he get to choose which laws are to be obeyed? They are illegal. They broke the laws of our country. If one resident is hurt or killed by an illegal, it rests solely on the head of the governor and the rest of the politicians in Harrisburg. That’s all of our tax dollars and votes at work.


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