Remedial reading



I’ve uncovered a serious literacy problem in America.

I tuned to Fox News the other night and watched newscasters, Republican senators, POTUS and even the attorney general proudly announce that the Mueller Report showed no collusion with Russia’s effort to influence the 2016 election and exonerated POTUS for obstruction of justice.

Either these folks never read the report or they have a serious problem with reading comprehension.

Mueller indicted 25 Russians and three Russian companies for running a years’ long campaign to hack computers and spread misinformation and lies in a conspiracy to defraud the United States. Vladimir Putin admitted in Helsinki that he ordered this campaign in an effort to get Donald Trump elected. Mueller also indicted seven members of Trump’s campaign, including his campaign manager, for various crimes, six of whom have pleaded guilty or been found guilty. Mueller did not exonerate Trump, he could not “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that Trump directly conspired with the Russians in this effort.

The Mueller Report did not exonerate Trump for Obstruction of Justice. It laid out at least a dozen instances in which all the elements of the crime exist, but he did not indict because of Justice Department policy that you cannot indict a sitting President, and he said that in the report. If you really think it’s “time to move on,” you should have someone read this letter to you and explain it while you admire your degree from Trump University. You might even try to read the actual Mueller Report, the part that’s out there, anyway.